Tips & Gifts

A lot of you wonderful gentlemen ask about tips and gifts, and what I would prefer for these. I do not have a wishlist because I travel too much to have things delivered. This page will act as my "wishlist".
For in person appointments, cash tips are always appreciated of course. If you'd rather bring a gift card, those are great as well. 
For anyone wanting to send me something when we're not in the same place, Cashapp or Venmo tips and gift cards are all perfect options. 
Venmo - @Julia-Bree
Cashapp - $JuliaBree2
Preferred gift cards:
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Marshall's/TJ Maxx
Nordstrom Rack
GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe
Email to send gift cards to:
(This email address is not used for setting appointments)
Tips and gifts are never expected, but they are always appreciated! They are also a great way to make a good first impression and have me anticipating our time together. 
Thank you in advance. 
- Julia Bree 😘